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Learner Drivers: The Effects of the Covid-19 Lockdown Survey Results (see below)

Learner Drivers: The Effects of the Covid-19 Lockdown Survey

The Covid-19 lockdown has taken its toll on everyone, as has the pandemic itself.

InsureLearnerDriver asked over 5,000 learner drivers in May 2021 to share with us their experience from the impact of Covid-19, the lockdowns and restrictions on those learning to drive, and how those learners feel moving forward.

Below we have included an overview of the key survey results, along with many direct quotes from learner drivers. Read the full article on our Learner Driver Covid-19 Lockdown Survey page here.

40% of Learner Drivers have 'considered giving up' on learning to drive

Have you ever considered giving up on learning to drive due to Covid-19

  • 43.9%
  • Yes
  • No
  • Maybe
  • Not at all, I am desperate to drive
  • stop start getting nowhere

It's really expensive in terms of lessons to keep starting from square one again, every time we come out of a lockdown, I feel I have lost a lot of time and money.

86% of Learner Drivers believe Covid-19 'delayed them passing their Driving Test' - this shows that short periods when the lockdown was lifted proved to be an insufficient period to enable learners to become qualified drivers. This was particularly affected by the Government ruling to restrict almost any type of driving practice, even with members of your own household, during the last lockdown.

Do you believe that Covid-19 delayed you from passing your driving test?

  • Yes
  • No
  • It has delayed passing my theory test
  • I booked it late December and passed but I guess I could've passed sooner if it weren't for Covid
  • Not Driving long enough yet
  • I had 2 tests booked missed both
  • It has delayed my start

I have only got until 21st October 2021 to pass my driving test or I will have to sit the theory test again which I think is unfair. I have had 2 tests cancelled due to lockdown and have now got to wait until 28th July before I can take my practical driving test

6 Months Delay over 50% of Learners believe Covid-19 'has delayed them over 6 months in passing their Driving Test'

This all adds up to long delays to becoming qualified and also delays for new learner drivers wanting to start learning, as Driving Instructors are still teaching the drivers waiting for tests.

This, in turn, can have a negative effect on young people being able to apply for certain jobs or further education where driving may be required.

If yes, how long do you feel you have been delayed by?

  • 1-3 months
  • 4-6 months
  • 6-8 months
  • 9-11 months
  • 12-14 months
  • 15-17 months
  • 18-20 months

10% Delayed over 12 Months over 10% of Learners believe the lockdowns has put them over a year behind in their learning.

the rebooking system was awful. my test was a week before they started back up and i got out back in for 4 months later. it's already costly and it's just making it more and more expensive.

Covid-19 Concerns - Do Learners Still Feel Safe Sharing a Car with a Driving Instructor?

There's good news for Driving Instructors on this front, 88% of our Learner Drivers had no concerns returning to Driving Lessons with an Instructor, even though many younger drivers will not yet be vaccinated.

Will you feel safe on driving lessons with a driving instructor after lockdown?

  • Yes
  • No
  • Not applicable, now passed my test
  • have lots lots of confidence
  • N/A
  • I have passed my test
  • Not Sure
With - 65% planning to carry on lessons with their Driving Instructors as soon as lockdown eases.

On the bright side, over 65% of learners indicated that they intend to carry on learning to drive with an instructor as restrictions ease. 89% of respondents also said they felt safe to take driving lessons with an instructor again once lockdown is over.

To end on a more optimistic note, some people did still manage to learn to drive during what has been an incredibly challenging year for everyone. With a bit of lucky timing, perseverance, and mum's help, here are some of those stories:

I managed to get lessons everytime it was allowed as well as getting learner insurance on my mums car and then i passed my practical test first time in December 2020

It took some flexibility but with my Mum's help, and a great driving instructor, I got through it.

Read the full results on our Learner Drivers - The Effects of the Covid-19 Lockdown Survey page here.

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  • How does learner driver insurance work?

    A learner driver will often look to learn in a borrowed car, or one they own themselves. Learner driver insurance can cover both these options, but the way the cover works is slightly different for each case.

    When the learner uses a borrowed car, the learner policy acts as a separate independent insurance just covering the learner driver when they are driving. The car must already be insured by its owner under a separate annual policy for when the owner uses the car. The advantage of this type of policy is that the owner avoids risking the No Claims Bonus earned under their own policy, as a claim originating from when the learner is driving will be made under this learner policy instead.

    We also provide both short-term and annual insurance for learners who will be learning to drive in their own car. In these scenarios, this would be the only active insurance policy required on the car.

  • Does the car have to be insured elsewhere?

    Learning in a Borrowed Car – 'Yes' and the vehicle must remain insured for the duration of the policy.

    Learning in your Own Car – 'No' if the car is owned and registered in your name, this is the only policy you require to be legally insured on the road.

  • If I’m borrowing a car and have a claim, will it affect the owners no claims bonus?

    No. Our 'learner driver with a borrowed car' policies are a separate policy to cover the learner driver only. The claim would come under this policy only, not the owner's policy. So in this scenario, this will not affect the No Claims Bonus of the owner of the car in the result of a claim.

  • Who can supervise me?

    For our insurance cover, the criteria is slightly more than the legal requirements when it comes to an accompanying driver or supervising driver with the learner. As we offer cover from several insurance companies, the requirements change slightly depending which policy you opt for.

    KGM: 1-6 Days Policies

    The requirement with KGM is the following.

    The supervising driver must;

    • be aged 25 or over
    • hold a valid Full UK Driving Licence for over 3 years (without any DR coded convictions within the last 5 years)
    • be a UK resident for over 2 years

    Markerstudy: 7-140 Days Policies

    The requirement with Markerstudy is the following.

    The supervising driver must;

    • be aged 25 and under 72 years of age
    • hold a valid Full UK driving licence for the past three years or more

  • Do you offer cover for anyone over the age of 30?

    Unfortunately, we do not provide cover for learners over the age of 30. We offer borrowed car policies to learners aged 17-30. We offer owner policies to learners aged 17-25.

  • Am I eligible for this policy?

    We have a different set of criteria for each of our policies. Please click the links below for each policy's set criteria.
    Borrowed learner policy acceptance criteria
    Owner learner policy acceptance criteria
    Annual learner policy acceptance criteria

  • Can anyone else drive the car using this policy?

    Our policies cover the learner driver to drive the car only. We cannot provide additional driver cover for parents or supervising drivers. If they want to cover themselves to drive separately, they can take out a temporary policy through www.skyinsurance.co.uk/compare


  • What is covered with this insurance?

    All our learner policies offer a comprehensive level of cover, which covers damage to the car you are driving, as well as any third party, if you are involved in an accident.

  • What is the excess on your policies?

    Our 'Learner in a Borrowed Car' policies have a standard policy excess of £500. The 'Learner in Own Car' policies have a standard policy excess of £750.

    Our learner insurance policies are sold packaged with an Excess Reduction policy, which means you can claim back part of the excess, reducing the level of excess you will be 'out of pocket' for, this will be referenced in the quote.

  • Will this insurance cover me for the driving test?

    Yes, these policies cover you whilst taking your driving test, provided the Driving Test occurs during the cover period. The DVSA Driving Examiner is treated as the 'accompanying driver' during the test and that is acceptable on these policies.

  • Can I make changes to the details on my policy?

    Due to the short-term nature of these policies, once payment has been authorised you are unable to make any changes or alterations to the information you have originally provided.

  • I don’t need the insurance anymore; can I get a refund?

    If your policy is less than a month in duration

    Unfortunately, we cannot offer refunds for any "unused" periods of insurance on policies that run for less than a month. If you wish you cancel your policy, we can do that, however, we can’t offer a refund.

    If you have a policy that runs longer than a month in duration:

    If less than 14 days has passed since you received your policy documentation and you haven’t made a claim, you have the right to cancel and receive a refund of the unexpired period of insurance. However, please note an administration charge of at least £100 will apply.

  • How can I contact you?

    We have a live chat facility on the website which offers support from 9am-5pm Monday to Friday. We are open between 9am-1pm on Saturdays.

    Email: [email protected]

    Please note we cannot take payments over the phone.